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30.00 Euros / 30.00 US Dollars The PuttoScope
Either order directly with the buttons above, or email us with your order! On receipt of your online order, your PuttOScope© Package will be reserved with your name, contact details and Postal Address. Once payment has been received we will forward the PuttOScope© Package directly.

Please forward all Cheques/Postal Orders and Bank drafts to the following address:

Optico Equipment
17 Eyre Square

Order :
The PuttOScope Putting Tutor
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E30 + E5 Post and Packaging - Total E35.00

$30 + $5 Post and Packaging - Total $35.00

£20 + £3 Post and Packaging - Total £23.00

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Payment Method :
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You will receive an automatic response confirming your order.
29.95 Euros / 29.95 US Dollars

  If your Putter is
3 degrees off line from 10ft your putt will be 6" off centre.

  If your Putter is
3 degrees off line from 20ft your putt will be 12" off centre.

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